Open Mic Saturday


Hot: It’s still hotter than Hell here in the midwest.  We’ve had the hottest July in about 70 years here.  It’s been in the upper 90’s and lower 100’s all month long.  We always have hot spells like this, but they usually last several day or a week or so.

This week:  This week I’ll be getting ready for a Mud Volleyball Tournament we’re having next Saturday.  I’m in charge of the Silent Auction that will benefit the Evangelical Children’s Home in St. Louis.  If anyone area has anything they’d like to donate let me know.  If you’re in the St. Louis are or will be traveling through and want to stop by, let me know and I’ll lead you to info.

Email:  I lied.  I said I’d be whittling down my unread emails.  At this moment it stands at 642.  I do scan it every day and open what I think are “important” emails, but have just been unable to catch up on the miscellaneous stuff.  Most of it is stuff that is sent as suggestions of things to post and most of that is from other websites that are hoping for links back to their sites.  I will get a handle on that…. eventually.  My gmail inbox is nearly 80% of capacity, so I need to go through it and delete a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

BABBQ Las Vegas?:  There have been suggestions of having it in Las Vegas next year.  I love Vegas and wouldn’t mind a gathering there.  It wouldn’t or couldn’t be a BBQ, at least not that I could do.  I just don’t know how we could do it.  I guess we could just plan to meet at some restaurant or hotel or something one day or evening.    Would we want to do more than that?  Someone would have to coordinate this.  Do we have any contacts in Las Vegas?  What could we do?   What are your thoughts?

Craig’s list

CraigslistCraigslist, the website, is one of the few inhabitants of the rarified air reserved for the upper-echelon of consumer-facing websites such as Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon.  With over 20 billion (yes, billion) page views each month, it claims to be in the top 10 of all companies by English language pages served.  Over 50 million Americans use the site each month — with craigslist having only 30 or so employees.  Not thirty million.  Thirty. 

The service — a mostly unfiltered, almost entirely free series of local forums — seems incredibly simple, so simple that many copycats have tried to enter the space.  If you build it, they will come, the copycats believe.  Grab a domain name, install some software, maybe put up some flyers and wait.  People will post jobs they need filled, apartment listings, and try and buy and sell everything from baseball tickets and used books to old couches and broken electronics.  After all, that’s how the Craig of craigslist did it.  A fool-proof plan.

Except that isn’t how craigslist came to be.

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