5 thoughts on “How about a drink?”

  1. It’s a simple trick, the first one is filed with cream and the others are filled half way or so with water and the cream is diluted gradually.

  2. i think there are upside down glasses inside the bigger glasses. you can see a little at the top of the bigger glasses.

  3. Alex is obviously wrong… That would work one way (small to large), though the liquid would become more transparent. Watch as the process is reversed. The video isn’t simply played backward (check the position of the glasses). My guess is that the glasses aren’t entirely hollow, and have an inner wall which is a varying distance from the outer wall. The small glass has an inner wall far away from the outer, the tall glass has one quite close to the outer… The volume of liquid between the two walls is the same in each glass. Note that the outer wall of the glass is engraved so you can’t see inside clearly.

    Ashleigh could also be right, but I think my way is neater (though it requires trick glasses).

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