11 thoughts on “A few of Mariah’s favorite things”

  1. “Eagle Fat Free Sourdough Pretzels” Mmmmmm, those were good. But Eagle Snacks went out of business in 94-95. I know this because I temped at their administration building, where I was pulling old files for destruction. Their break room was piled high with cartons full of returned snacks. They begged me to take as much as I could, lol.

  2. My job is to do all the shopping for bands, including their riders, such as this one. I can honstly say if I received this rider it would be a very easy day.

  3. Well, It’s not as if she’s able to pop over to the store to get these things herself after the show.

  4. I’m with Tammy on this one- Wonder bread, Drakes cakes, Borden cheese and Trident gum? What the heck- is she still a teenager?

  5. This one isn’t too bad, I used to work in a big night club where we had big names come do concerts, well, they thought they were big, some of those folks were pretty demanding. Most of the time they wouldn’t use half that shit.

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