4 thoughts on “World’s biggest dog – 7 ft long and 252 pounds”

  1. My veins would be popping too, living next to a thing that could eat me if I forgot to feed it.
    Can`t help to notice the missing finger…

  2. Giant George!!!!! He has a facebook page!

    You probably need a shovel and a garbage bag for his poo every time you go for a walk. Huge dog is HUGE AS, BRO.

  3. Danes are really into Family.

    They might look scary with their big Head and their overall size, but if it comes to loyalty you can`t go wrong with them, even if the child came after the dog.

    Also, it`s quite common for them to be afraid of little shit like chihuahas (even ferrets).

    It`s just that they dont want to go all the way the little f**** ask for.

    But don`t be fooled: they absolutely know the difference between annoying and dangerous, and if must be, they GO rampage.

    Being a father myself, i absolutely wish i had a friend for my son as rock solid like this.

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