8 thoughts on “The 27 Club”

  1. Bieber needs to get together with Donald Trump and show him how to make his hair look like it’s engulfing him.

    I have never heard any of his songs, but he does look like he could get a sex-change operation and wouldn’t have to do anything to look like a girl.

  2. He might be over processed but, from what I’ve heard he actually can sing. I don’t get the hate for the kid and I don’t like the homophobic teasing that usually goes with it.

  3. As a Canadian that actually likes the USA, well, YOU invaded US with all those BS pseudo reality shows, so, all we got to fight back with is Celine Dion and now OUR secret weapon, Justin Bieber. Eat it. Pay back is sweet.

  4. He’s a no talent, autotuned, commercially created to sell crap, one boy boyband who has NO place being compared to the likes of Hendrix, Joplin or any of the other 4.

  5. I think most people hate him not because he appeals to the younger female audience but because, unlike those in the 27 club, he doesn’t live the decadent lifestyle they led. He doesn’t use drugs or binge drinks alcohol so he doesn’t come across as a “tormented artistic soul”.
    I could argue about how talented I find those in the 27 club to be, but I won’t. We all have our individual tastes and preferences.

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