23 thoughts on “Carnage in Iran”

    • No. No. We must stop these monsters. Let’s bomb them BACK INTO the stone age! emaneff beat me to it, but I came here with the same thought: Oh, the humanity!

  1. Oh,the humanity! Those aren’t our boys. They’re
    busy guarding the Poppy fields. (following orders
    of course).

  2. Those guys are related to the baggage handlers that got their hands on my suitcase last week…lost an entire bottle of Bacardi Gold.

  3. Thy King…Guess I don’t have no soul either. Doesn’t bother me to see this kind of destruction. But maybe if I imbibed in the stuff it would.

  4. At least no beer died here. Me and Bella are okay with this.

    Seriously, those people are nuts to begin with, can you imagine them drunk?

    They would be like <> celebrating a <>.

    • Actually, I’m convinced that the middle east is so screwed up because they can’t drink. Seriously. If you can’t go out and get drunk once in a while in order to blow of steam, you will go nuts and strap on a suicide vest. Also, sometimes booze works as liquid courage, giving you the stupidity to challenge the idiots who make up the rules.

      • I’m betting Middle East too. The source of my religion. …not that I’m at all happy admitting it. Or having to explain to people that I only eat Halal meat. ….this shit is so bogus, yo.

  5. This reminds me of similar photos from the Prohibition era. Booze must be actually pretty easy to find if this sort of thing is shown. Indeed the laws against consumption of alcohol do not apply to Irans large-scale christian jewish minority so the Armenians ethnic Ironías have a lock on the business of bringing booze to Your Home like pizza.

  6. Was linked this page by someone I know. And even though I know it’s a joke, and a decent one at that, I just can’t help feeling the date for submitting this was unfortunate (read: Norway on Juli 22nd). If you don’t see what I mean, read the header again with the date in mind.

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