9 thoughts on “Climbing without a rope”

  1. Damn, in my home sitting in my chair, and still that was hard to watch. That guy has to have nerves of Titanium.

  2. I agree with all three comments
    my chest tightens just watching him – Damn, what if you sneeze or cough or anything, not like someone can just come get you – you could not call if you wanted to….

  3. Yes, sometime in the future someone will say at his funeral “He died doing what he loved”.
    But if it wasn’t for people like him that push the envelope we wouldn’t be sitting here in front of our computers with our chin resting on one palm making lame comments.
    I guess John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin and all the rest through history are all stupid too.
    Some people have different views of what “living” means.
    Strong people do shit. Weak people find ways to criticize.

    • Well said!

      “Strong people do shit. Weak people find ways to criticize.”
      That’s one I need to remember 🙂

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