4 thoughts on “World’s first chocolate printer”

  1. This could quite possibly be the 2nd stupidest video ever (the first being that one video with the cat being stuck in the chair or sofa or something). They don’t show the machine doing anything at all other than the head moving. No printing whatsoever. Stupid as fugg. How does a 4 minute video achieve showing absolutely nothing at all?

  2. I have a feeling it doesn’t work as well as they want you to believe. They did not want to show it in action. They just made a bunch of obvious statements about it “You can print whatever you like!”

    No $*** dumb ass! Get that lab coat off of yourself. You don’t deserve it.

  3. WTF is Techlology? That chinese dude said it a bunch of times. Is it some new science? I need some techlology in my life.

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