A small turnout but everyone seemed to have a great time.  Plenty of food and drink and even a few Frank stories.


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Cutie Carrie sends along these pics:

Meee tony Meee arch Gooey butter cookies Carrie and tony Prizes Bits of fortune Winning smile  

DJ’s pictures can be found here.

What a great group of people!

27 thoughts on “BABBQ II”

  1. We had an interesting night. The motel’s fire alarm went off 3 times at about 1:00, 1:45, and 2:00. The first time everyone filed outside and stood around yawning for about 25 minutes. The second time the wife and I got dressed and as we were leaving the room it stopped. Everyone in the hallway stopped and looked around, some grumbled, most shrugged, but we all went back to our rooms. The third time the wife and I sat up in the bed and waited, sure enough after about a minute it stopped. Damned prankers.

    • And DJ slept like a baby at the LaQuinta. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Maybe that group pf teenagers from the traveling sports team decided to move to your hotel.

      In reality it was probably just a defective system.

      • Yeah I thought about calling DJ after the first time to see if he wanted to bring his camera and capture some of the barely clothed posteriors for posterity. But then I found my glasses and looked closer…shudder…

      • Turns out it was dust in the sensors, or so they told me when I checked out this morning. They graciously offered to knock 25% off last nights charge. So I’m happy to spread the word, we stayed at the Hampton Inn. Great place for the $$$.

      • It was quiet and had a very soothing ‘ambiance’. And the 24 hr Jack-in-the-Box right next door didn’t hurt either.

  2. Thanks to Jonco for the party. My first visit and I enjoyed it. Had great talking with DJ, Gary and Gary’s wife. Great corn from Keller’s near Collinsville. I hope everyone has a safe drive home.

  3. Thanks Jonco! And Patco & Dave(co?) & family & friends for another great day. Fantastic weather, fantastic people, fantastic family, great city. And it was great seeing Gus & Trixie again. The only sad thing about the day was all of our friends who weren’t there, but maybe next year?…

    Photos of BABBQ II are now up here.
    (still working on cropping & labeling them …but they’re up…)

    • Thanks for posting the pictures. It’s good to be able to see the friends I never see…That sentence does make sense, but I still think it’s strange.

  4. Great to see the photos. Hopefully next year, the BABBQ won’t be held when I’m out of the country.

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