Stealth Bomber over St. Louis

B-2 over STL  Click to enlarge
The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit (also known as the Stealth Bomber) is an American heavy bomber with low observable stealth technology designed to penetrate dense anti-aircraft defenses and deploy both conventional and nuclear weapons.


Not sure when that picture was taken but here’s one taken over the 4th  of July weekend at the Fair St. Louis Air Show.

B-2 over arch


12 thoughts on “Stealth Bomber over St. Louis”

    • They have them almost every year at the Air Show on the riverfront here. I also find the Harrier Jets fascinating with their VTOL (vertical take of and landing).

      • love those too,I was going to pay 450 to go up in a B17 here but they sell out fast and are only here for three or four days when they come here

        • B-17s are my favorite plane of all time…I’d love a chance to take a flight in one. I had one, along with a B-25 (my second favorite plane!) fly over my house a few years ago, on their way to an airshow at the local airport. They were so low, you could practically count the rivets under the wings! Awesome stuff.

  1. How’d they get that plane to balance on it’s nose on top of the arch? That’s pretty cool.

  2. Very Cool!! Had one fly over Southcenter Mall here in Seattle a few years ago.
    Scared the crap out of the wife & myself, until we realized that it was here for Seafair. (We also have the Blue Angels-They are sooo cool!)

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