Holy Kudzu!

Holy kudzu2Many Christians believe Jesus can be found anywhere. In southern Lenoir County, North Carolina, he may be found on a utility pole.

The pole, about a mile south of Kinston, has attracted attention of some area residents. Some say the kudzu-covered post bears a striking resemblance to Jesus’ crucifixion.

The pole, which is the only one nearby covered in “the vine that ate the South,” is at the northwest corner of Tyree Road and U.S. 258 S., in the Jackson Heights neighborhood.

Kent Hardison, who runs Ma’s Hotdog House less than a half mile from the pareidolia, rides by the Christ-resembling post each day. He said when he first saw the kudzu growing he almost sprayed it with herbicide.

“I glanced at it, and it looks like Jesus,” Hardison said. “I thought, ‘You can’t spray Jesus with Roundup.’ ”

The kudzu, which has thrived at the top of the pole, is all but dead at the ground. The source of the figure is only a few small vines of the uncontrollable plant.

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Update:  It’s not Kudzu it’s Trumpet Vine


7 thoughts on “Holy Kudzu!”

  1. Every once in a while, someone utters a phrase you’re pretty sure has never been uttered before. ‘You can’t spray Jesus with Roundup’ makes me think that this is one of them.

  2. Just spray it with Roundup. Then take it down, put it out in the woods somewhere, and I’m sure in 3 or so days it’ll be fine.

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