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  1. Dollar coins. Grrrrrr! Americans will NEVER have dollar coins, for one very big reason. The vending industry. Wait, you might say, the vending industry is the main driver for dollar coins! Not so. They insist that any dollar coin must be roughly the size and thickness of a quarter. Which we all hate. WHICH WE ALL HATE! I used to circle the globe for a living, and have found many dollar (equivalent) coins that I loved! And that other Americans would love, and use. The Australian dollar coin – about the diameter of a dime, but thicker than a nickel. One seriously cool coin! The British one pound coin – a bit less than the diameter of a quarter, but thicker than a nickel. A coin of substance! But they would require vending machines to accept thicker coins, which would cost the vending industry money. So we’ll never have a dollar coin. And any congressperson that votes out the dollar bill will be voted out themselves at the very next election.

    • dollar coins suck! What the hell are we to do at strip joints with them? Stone the girl?

      I for one will never ever use the dollar coin. If they ever tried to stop printing the paper (read real) dollar I would stock up a lifetime supply of them.

      The worst is the subway booths that spit them out, half the time stores wont take them. For a while I was keeping them in a jar and once in a while bring them to the bank to exchange them for real currency. Leave it to the government to screw something this simple up.

      • Yes, yes, a common feeling. But if you ever held an Australian dollar coin in your hand, or a British one pound coin, you would sing a different tune. I am certain. I sent such coins to my congressmen some years back, to no avail. The vending industry lobbyists hold sway. Oh, and they MUST be accepted: “legal tender for all debts public and private.”

        • I wont accept them, not now, not ever. If someone has a problem with me not accepting their monopoly money as legal tender they can call a cop.

  2. Re: Permanent marker on Dry Erase Board. I’ve never had that problem, but I have some permanent marks from the Dry Erase markers. How do you get those off?

    Re: Should women go topless? Seriously, you’re asking us that question?

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