5 thoughts on “How not to check-in at the airport”

  1. Have you ever touched those things? I barely was touching one and it unlatched and flew back like a rubber band. Everyone was just staring.

  2. I would love to click like or share and post this on facebook, but anytime I’ve tried to do this it just posts a picture of your face, thus forcing me to either post a link directly to the image (which really just appears as a thumbnail with little or no image description), or just re-upload it myself. Your site would probably receive more links in if this worked better. Love the site though, keep up the good work!

  3. I have to view this page at 75% size because of the outer borders. They don’t move- and The content can’t be seen until I make it smaller. yes, I have my puter set to the wrong resolution, but all other sites I can see just fine except this one. Great content- horrible format.

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