Gimme Shelter | Playing For Change

Gimme Shelter was recorded by unknown artists in a virtual worldwide street studio all around the world. It all starts with the base percussion, which is recorded first and sets the rhythm to it all, played by Greg Ellis in Hollywood. Then, the track flies all over the world, where other artists use it to play their own parts of the song.

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7 thoughts on “Gimme Shelter | Playing For Change”

  1. I noticed they left out a few of the lyrics, such as the line that goes, “Rape, murder…they’re just a kiss away.” Guess that might have changed the meaning of this video though.

  2. As neat as that was – and it was neat! – this recording is missing the one element that makes this song great, and that’s Merry Clayton. Even on the original, if she wasn’t on it, it’d just be a cool album track.

    I find it so interesting, having artists in different locations around the world, making this type of music. Youtube is full of “virtual” bands, and some of them are incredible!

    But, thanks for sharing this one, Jonco.

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