21 thoughts on “Philosophy of Wikipedia”

  1. I started with the wiki entry for “sex toy”. That could never lead to Philosophy, Right? Wrong, 10 clicks.

  2. Landed on philosophy after my 21st click.


  3. Yep…I typed in philosopy – 1 click to philosophy. I typed hilosophy – one click to philosophy. I typed phillosophy – 1 click to philosophy. I think I covered all the ways you normally spell it Jonco and it took me to philosophy every time…

  4. Really people (above only)…. you have to get a grip, the world is full of wonder and all you can do is exercise your “click finger”. To find out, what? You get to tell the world you are stupid? That this kinda thing gives you great pleasure? Your life is so shallow that you actually have to do this kind of thing?

    OK, my life is shallow and it does give me great pleasure to tell the world (Jonco’s World) that you are stupid.

    • Jeez, grumpy – was the nurse a little tardy with the meds cart tonight? 😉

      oh, I’m just funnin’ with ya. Lighten up, will ya?

      • Those that defend stupidity are morons. Abraham Lincoln 1862.

        OK, I just made that up. It was really, grumpy 2011.

        I am still waiting for those meds.

        • grumpy – the nurse couldn’t find you while you were ranting from the balcony, so she gave them to me…jeez. with some of the side-effects I’m starting to feel, I can understand why you call yourself “grumpy”. haha 🙂

  5. I started at Empire State Building which led me to “natural science” a few clicks later.

    Empire State –>… –> Natural Science –> .. –> Physics –> Natural Science.


  6. @Recursive_LOL: Natural science does not lead to physics.

    Empire State Building -> … -> Natural Science -> science -> knowledge -> facts -> information -> sequence -> mathematics -> quantity -> property -> modern philosophy -> philosophy.

    #RecursionFAIL-Identification FAIL

  7. Started out with Maltese Divorce Referendum after 27 links I got to philosphy. Took me through politics, mathematics first.

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