28 thoughts on “Here`s Why You Don`t Text And Drive”

  1. Good illustration of why texting and driving is bad. But is videotaping while driving really much safer? O.o

  2. Looks more like he was drunk or falling asleep. If someone were texting and almost crash that many times I would think they would have enough common sense to stop.

  3. Gee, instead of recording, he should have been calling the Police. Stupid American, more interested in himself than the safety of others. The other driver may have been having a medical emergency of some kind.

    • Lol…stupid nationalistic troll. Not that I don’t agree with your assertion about the police – heck, I’ve done that myself – but if you don’t realize that that sort of behavior is everywhere, you’re just as ignorant as you think he is.

    • Did you even read the description you retard? He did call the police, he was taping for evidence. Lazy twat, learn to read.

  4. isnt filming just as dangerous as texting? if i saw someone driving like this, i would stop my car and get as much distance between me and them as possible. someone could have swerved into him after trying to avoid this guy

  5. at least they had sense enough here in Georgia to pass a law to stop it…..but of course some people still do it

  6. In this case I don’t even think you need a law against texting because this driver should be cited for reckless driving. The problem with texting laws in general is that they are passed out of concern for the public safety but in reality they just become revenue sources for the state. There is no real penalty except paying a fine so it does little to discourage texting.

  7. I highly doubt that this was a case of texting and driving. That’s more like driving under the influence of something. I can see one swerve or two when texting and driving (which is bad in itself). But the constant swerving back and forth is definitely driving under the influence.

  8. A dumbass like that nearly killed my girlfriend last week. She ran a red light, hit the back of her Jeep and rolled it completely over. Car is totalled, girlfriend was lucky as hell! Both airbags went off, seatbelt did it’s job. Cops and Doctors couldn’t believe she had only bumps and bruises.

    The girl who hit her said she “looked up, but it was too late”.

  9. I think the person who filmed this whole incident might have seen the driver texting up close before starting filming, or suspected it and got his suspicions confirmed afterwards. He stopped at the place of the crash, I think he knows better than you speculating. He might also already have had called the police before he began filming.

    • Re-watch the video. Immediately he just speculates what it was, he even said, “I thought he was texting but he’s all over.” I’m not trying to defend texting and driving at all, but this isn’t a case of texting and driving. The constant swerving is indicative of something else. There is longer footage of this incident, showing constant swerving for miles. THAT’S NOT TEXTING AND DRIVING. This guy just edited down to make it fit his own agenda, and trying to drive traffic to his fitness website.

  10. The description on YouTube says he was following a teen that was texting, called police and then started videotaping him.

    • Ah. Good to know. I hope his parents had balls enough to take away his f-ing phone and car keys for a while.

    • That is good to know. I’m also curious about this guy’s camera set up. I notice he’s got minimal side-to-side movement, so it’s not a fixed camera, but there’s very little up-down, so he’s either got phenomenally steady hands, or it’s mounted in some way. Funny though that the camera is centered right on him. Is he wearing it or something?

  11. My former father-in-law was diabetic, and would have these episodes where he’d drive for MILES unaware of what he was doing. I imagine he swerved too. I often wondered if people assumed all the wrong things: drunk, texting, sleepy, etc.

    Watching that footage, I wonder if the car in front of the swerving driver even saw what was happening in his rear view mirror.

    I hope someone called 911 long before the accident happened, there were about a dozen opportunities for people to do so.

  12. Two kids around 10 years old were walking along the road just north of here last week when hit by a car. Turns out the lady who hit them had been drinking AND texting.

  13. Hard to believe it was texting and driving. He said he used his iphone first to get the license plate, assuming he took photo or video. Then called police. If you’ve ever called the police while driving on the highway, you know you’ve covered miles and miles in distance before you’re done on the phone with them. Then he videotaped again and judging by the 2nd video, more miles had passed before the accident. I find it hard to believe that texting and driving resulted in many miles of constant swerving, some to the point where they are two lanes over in the other direction for long periods of time. While the other driver *might* have texted at one time, this is due to something else…drunk driving, drugs, diabetic something or another, or just plain sleepiness.

  14. This isn’t texting. This is INTOXICATION! People who text and have a close call get scared and start paying attention. People who are drunk continue to do the exact same thing because they can’t control themselves anymore.

  15. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was drunk and trying to text as well.

    The trifecta….drinking, driving, and texting

  16. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Oh, did I mention oh my God!? I sure hope I’m sitting next to you in a plane next time when we hit minor turbulence. Your total absolute meltdown will make my vacation! It would be epic!

  17. I suspect he was responding to blog comments about another video that also had to be anything in the world other than texting. Could have been anything else…but not texting!

    I’m all for accuracy in reporting even though there is less by the moment. I’m certainly not naive about people bending evidence to their agendas. And yet when there’s such opposition to a particular scenario I wonder to myself who scored more points for that agenda at the end of the day.

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