10 thoughts on “Don’t pet the kitty”

  1. Cats hate when you approach them from above this way. They feel threatened. Learn some basic animal body language, dumb chick.

  2. The cat was warning her to get the hell away – the body posture, the meow, the ears and the flicking tail, all translate to “Get out of my face”.

  3. We have a cat like this. Only thing ours doesn’t act like this cat. Scooter our cat enjoys being petted on the back of her neck, but without warning she’ll jump and claw at you. Some cats like to be held and others don’t. I call them “Touch Me Not Cats.” We’ve owned many cats and they all have their own personalities. Thank goodness our other cat Babe loves to be cuddled and held.

  4. It’s not like the cat didn’t warn her, dumbass, she had it coming, I hope the cat wasn’t declawed, and she got the full wrath too.

  5. See, if the cat is meowing at you like that, tail flickering about, ears pointed, they’re basically saying “you better get the fuck out of my face soon, bitch, before I draw blood.”

    Unfortunately, said bitch did not listen.

  6. Some cats get overstimulated by petting, and their nervous system processes the sensation as pain rather than comfort. As a general rule of thumb, don’t pet that type of cat. 😉

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