7 thoughts on “Circus elephants help clean up Joplin”

  1. “…circus performers and their trained elephants decided to pitch in…” I’m not sure, but I didn’t think circus elephants were so conscientious and giving of themselves. Did they immediately volunteer, stepping forward while all the other animals just didn’t pay attention to the news?


  2. I’m not PETA fan, but this is ridiculous. These aren’t trained disaster relief elephants, these are trained circus elephants. Don’t give me this business that this isn’t a publicity stunt. Plus the risk to these animals are huge. There are so many things to get hurt on, debris, nails, etc. They aren’t smart enough to see a board with nails and think to avoid it.

    They would have been put to better use if they did figure out how to put on a little circus exhibition to provide an escape for those who need an escape, like the children caught in this disaster.

  3. Hey Sander…..I bet if you were there with the Elephants you would have charged admission. I think its great that the circus people took the time to try and help. I am pretty sure the owners were watching out for things that might have injured thier animals.

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