Open Mic Monday

Open_mic_ride monday

We’re off on a ride today.  Temp is supposed to be in the low to mid 90’s, so it’ll be warm… but dry.

Lets all take a few moments and remember those who gave their lives so we can enjoy all the things we complain about so much and can do that complaining without fear or being censored.

What’s on your agenda today?

Update:  Charlotte refused to start this morning. So we cancelled our ride. 

13 thoughts on “Open Mic Monday”

    • Thanks for that link, DJ. Great pictures. You have a really good eye.

      Someone wished me a Happy Memorial Day this morning. “Happy” just seemed wrong but I didn’t have anything better to offer so I just wished him a nice holiday. What do you wish someone on a day like this or Good Friday or Rosh Hashanah? Somehow “Happy” just doesn’t seem right.

      • That happened to me at lunch today. The waitress wished me a “Happy Memorial Day” and I had nothing to say. (I know everyone here at B&P is surprised to read that) What would be a proper response? “Thank you! I really am having a Happy Memorial Day thanks to those friends of mine who died in foreign wars, and the friends of my father, and the friends of my grandfathers, and generations more.”

  1. When I rolled Charlotte (my motorcycle) out of the garage this morning and tried to start her up nothing happened… no starter action at all. I checked the kill switch (the usual problem) … nothing. Made sure she was in neutral … nothing. The radio and other electronics seemed to work fine. After messing around with it for a bit I noticed that it was acting like the key fob wasn’t working (flashers were on when you move the bike without the key fob in your pocket). So I ran to Walmart and got new batteries for the fob. The bike then tried to kick over, but I think messing with it without the battery ran the battery down. I’m going to let it sit for a while and see if it’ll start up later. If not I’ll take the battery in to have it tested. But getting the battery out id a major undertaking. It’s located under the seat and from everything I’ve read, in order to take the seat off I have to remove the tour pack (trunk) and saddle bags. Geez! So, hopefully it’ll start up after a little rest. The last time I started it was a couple weeks ago and it started right up.

  2. I agree DJ 🙂 that article changed the way i look at motorcycles. Especially since I just got back from Rome where the scooter people were just insane. Actually insane is an understatement.

    • It’s a battery problem, I’m sure. Now it’s trying but it just doesn’t have to power to turn over.

  3. Amazing how you could replace ‘motorcycle’ with ‘wife’ and everything you said would still make complete sense.

    I think battery is a little violent though.

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