Chair stuck in a concrete wall in Joplin MO

Scott sends along this picture of a chair embedded in a concrete wall during the tornado in Joplin MO last Sunday.

Photo removed at the request of the photographer.

It can be seen here.

Imagine to force required for this to happen.  I wonder what the chair is made of.

Thanks Scott

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  1. Cheap modern construction uses a technique called parging. A thin layer of cement is applied to industrial styrofoam.

    • Actually, It is a Cinder Block wall covered with cement. I live here in Joplin and saw the chair in person. Its a Metal chair. It was an EF5 Tornado. I have seen a lot of unbelievable sights over the last 2 weeks.

  2. It looks like a wooden chair, but as Sue points out it cannot be concrete that it is stuck into. The force required to embed a wooden chair into concrete would destroy the chair before it got to the wall. This is why you can’t have a 600mph watermelon regardless of what the guy shooting it with a cannon claims.

  3. A tornado struck near my home back in the 50’s, I believe it was. Next morning’s paper had a photo of a piece of wheat straw which had impaled Through a telephone wire.

  4. I don’t know for sure what the wall is and if it’s a wooden chair. My local newspaper has a different photo and caption saying the chair is wood and it’s a concrete wall. Not saying they have their facts right. I’ve only been to that hospital once years ago and I didn’t bother checking out the exterior construction. However this building withstood a direct his from an EF5 tornado and has quite a bit of damage but the majority of the walls are still standing. Anything less than concrete probably would have failed IMO. There could be Dryvit or whatever on the surface, but it’s not very thick. Those short chair legs are either broken or stuck deep in the wall. I really don’t know. But it’s an interesting picture.

  5. Maybe Crispy and anyone else who cares to listen to extensive radio coverage can try this link.

    There have been some callers with incredible stories. Last night a doctor from St. John’s described a horrific scene of the dead and dying and survivors he encountered once he emerged from the rubble including something similar to this picture but involving a person and a sign post. I heard another story of a Pizza Hut manager who got people into the walk-in freezer and tried getting the door closed. The tornado blew the door open and took 2 people. He tried getting the door reclosed but the tornado took him.

  6. Chris Hansen: Why don’t you have a seat over there…
    Predator guy: But that chair’s perpendicular to-
    Chris Hansen: Have a seat.

    Anyway, here’s another crazy image from the tornado:

    Likely explanation:

  7. So A. It is a metal chair, B. it is not a concrete wall. and Scott, I don’t know where you got this from, but I took this photo and it is everywhere on the internet with no credit, no payment, no nothing. Thanks to people like yourself spreading photos like this without permission is why my field of work (photojournalism) is dying. Thank you. Also, Bits and Pieces, if you could take this down, I would appreciate it.

    Grant Hindsley

  8. Grant must be new to the internet. Look around this website and you’ll find my source with a right click. Nothing there indicated that you own the photo. Maybe don’t post your photos for others to copy and spread around. At least put a watermark through the middle of them. I wonder if you paid the owners of the chair and wall for permission to use their objects as the subject of your photo so that you can gain a profit from it. Probably not.

    Anyway, here’s the photo and caption from my local newspaper that I found before yours. (They give permission to share this.) I agree after studying this one that the chair is not wood despite the caption. St. Johns is mostly a concrete structure, but I also agree the chair is probably in a wall that has a softer surface.


    Another interesting chair picture (from FEMA’s site):


    Kind of the opposite. Untouched chairs (from Reuters):


    • Way to go Scott. Th chair in the back of the pick-up truck is just about as amazing to me. Thanks

        • Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Sorry for the frustration before hand. I didn’t photograph this to try and make any money on it, nor have I. It’s inappropriate. All I can do when someone steals a photo from my newspaper is try and do damage control. When I see it going places like demotivational posters or reddit and buzzfeed and people making snarky comments about serious matters, it irks me. Scott, I am not ‘new’ to the internet, I was only trying to make a point. I won’t argue about the merits of anything, I just appreciate the cooperation. Sorry for the snarkyness before hand. Stay safe this dangerous season everyone.

    • Note to Scott: I doubt Grant is “new to the internet”. He’s a photographer trying to protect his work. This photo was STOLEN off the Missourian website which did have permission to use the photo, and BECAUSE it was stolen, it was then spread further all over the internet without permission. Just as artists have copyrights to their work, so do photojournalists and their photos should NEVER be published without permission. You know what you can do w/your snide comments and know it all attitude. Be respectful of people’s hard work and stop acting like you’re the end all authority just because you found a place for people to hear your voice. Stealing is stealing.

      • You all are trolling like it’s a work of art. It’s a picture of something anyone could have taken. Oh look there are several versions from several photographers. It was easily replaceable for this post. You must be new here, snide is what people get when thy come here whining when they goofed up by not protecting their work several copy and pastes ago and then bitch at me. Grant’s picture is insignificant now. Jonco was gracious to remove it and still supply a link to Grant. Jonco = The Man.


  9. I am from Joplin. It is a metal chair and a wall made of stryfoam, mesh, and concrete. It is to the right of the main entrance of Academy. Still standing today June 5, 2011. I love urban legends, how they grow. Still, this is a remarkable picture. I would not want to be that wall. [img][/img]

  10. The wood through the concrete curb? It is at Peace Lutheran on 20th & Wisconsin. The drain hole was already there. the wood may have been shoved by the bucket cleaning the lot. [img][/img]

  11. But there was real power to the Joplin Tornado. Consider this St. John’s truck wrapped around a tree. St. John’s Hospital in the background. Note the flag, a symbol of hope and the American Spirit in Joplin. [img][/img]

  12. I’m from Miami, OK. Not surprised the News Record got 3 out of 3 facts wrong. Thanks for clearing that up, Dana. I had no idea it was at Academy. That place is so battered yet still recognizable. I hope someone preserves that section of wall with the chair.

  13. I tried reducing the size of these pics in Photobucket, but they were already posted here. Please edit them and reduce size esp. to see truck and tree. Yeah, I should put my name on that chair and ask for a bit of that wall. Check out the north wall. It shows debris marks.

  14. Crazy because a girl I know works at Back Yard Burger, which was also destroyed, near Academy and noticed the chair right away in a photo I took. She said, “How did our chair get stuck in the wall?” I asked her if it was wood or metal. She said it’s metal and REALLY heavy! That storm had some force (200 miles an hour!)

  15. I am from Joplin Mo and worked at Academy Sports and Outdoors. I was there the night of the tornado and this picture is from our building not from St. Johns. Yes it is a concrete wall with another layer over it and a metal chair either from Pizza Hut or Backyard Burger.

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