8 thoughts on “Making popcorn in Korea”

  1. I don’t know what just happened, but that was the most awesome popcorn making I’ve ever seen

    Though I am a bit concerned the buttering process will be found over on Naughty Bits

  2. Does anyone around here know what that thing is and how does it generate enough heat to pop corn?

  3. I think I have figured it out, the rotating thing at the back contains kernels and is heated beyond the boiling point of water, the presser prevent the kernels or water from boiling and the rotating prevents burning. When the valve is opened the water in the kernels boils instantly and they are shot to the other side.

  4. Someone remind me. What was the cereal that was shot from guns? (To the tune of the 1812 Overture) Was it Quaker puffed Rice? Puffed Oats?

  5. That is China, not Korea. (The writing on the shop in the background is Chinese, not Hangul)

    Alex is right about how it works. The pressurized container enables the temperature to increase above the boiling point of the water within the kernels. The instant release of the pressure causes the water in the kernels to vaporize immediately and “pop” goes the corn.

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