It ain’t from around here…

Alien found in Mexico

Look at this amazing alien that was found in Mexico in 2005. Sadly it got caught in a trap near a farm and was found by the farmer who put it in water to drown it. He said there was another creature with it when he approached the one in the trap but when it saw him it ran away. Recent DNA test prove that this creature is an alien because none of its DNA matches that of earths. It is DNA never before seen.

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  1. If it has DNA that would mean that it was very likely from earth because as far as we know, only critters from earth have DNA which is made of very earthly things.

    If, and this is a very big if, the critter’s DNA did not match any known creature then it would be a new earth creature not a new alien. And oh, by the way, just how long would it take to cross it with every known animal we have?

    As clever fakes go this one doesn’t so much as hit the top ten thousand.

    • so you are saying, there are things unique to earth that don`t exist anywhere else in the known universe(s)….

    • While I agree it’s most probably from Earth, saying it NEEDS to be from Earth if it has DNA is pretty silly. Unless you have proof of that of course. The things that make up our DNA are pretty common in the greater Universe. Then there’s the fact that, under decent conditions RNA can self-assemble, which is a close relative of our DNA. It’s just a very energetically favorable type of structure.

    • “…which is made of very earthly things.”

      Thanks man, now I have to clean my keyboard , but the laugh was worth it. Keep’em comin’!!! LMAO

  2. P.T. Barnum would have put on display right next to the “Fiji Mermaid” and convinced everyone it was real…

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