3 thoughts on “Geek Hierarchy”

  1. Mmmm not quite. I’ve long searched for the “official” definition of these three terms, and these are the most dominant.

    A Dork is someone who is basically Socially Inept. When people say “Nerd” as an insult, they really mean Dork. They get bored unless they’re clipping their toenails in public (or something).
    A Geek is someone who is obsessed with – and possibly collects – things that are ultimately insignificant, like Star Trek, Comic Books, Anime, and Video Games. The get bored with traditional movies and TV shows.
    A Nerd is someone who is knowledgeable and talented with something such as Science, Math, Computers, Programming, or some other similar branch. They get bored with High School Calculus and Physics classes.

    Society seems to have confused Geek and Nerd, I assume because Nerd is usually derogatory and Geek seems less so, but in reality, the “Geek Squad” are all Nerds. “Gleeks,” That is, Glee Geeks, really are Geeks, though.
    I call myself a Gnerk (silent G), which is both a Nerd and a Geek… and sometimes a bit of a Dork. XD

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