5 thoughts on “Cyclist vs. Traffic”

  1. Motorcyclist do the exact same thing here…. Both are completely stupid.

    Lets make this perfectly clear, just because you have two wheels does not make you own the road and it definitely does not give 4 wheeled vehicles special powers to avoid you when you race out in front of them.

  2. LOL…Maybe he learned a lesson? I doubt it. Bikers wanna be treated by motorists like any other road vehicle, but then the same assho1es blow thru red lights, cut thru parking lots, ride on the sidewalks to avoid legally stopped traffic (shouting and swearing at people walking on the sidewalk to get out of their way), ride in bus lanes, ride between lanes of stopped traffic to make illegal turns against the light, ride down one-way streets the wrong way, pass stopped school buses. Get behind them on a park road with a speed limit of 25 or 35mph…the road is one lane each way with double yellow line, curvy and hilly, and these buttplugs ride two-abreast going 12mph, all while ignoring the 12′ wide paved [taxpayer funded] bike path right next to the road. If you try to pass them, you either risk a head-on collision, a traffic ticket, or one of them punching your window or mirror. Yeah, a 20 lb bike is the same as a 4,000 lb car or a 30,000 lb city bus.

  3. Good try, but no Darwin Award for you! Don’t fret. I’m sure there will be many other opportunities for you.

  4. DJ, you saved me a lot of typing. TYVM.

    What I think is funny-stupid is that they think that tiny piece of plastic they put on TOP of their heads makes them think they are invunerable.

    Nope, it only helps to keep their brains in one place for researchers.

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