Fawn rescue

Firemen use the Jaws of Life to lift rocks off a tiny fawn trapped among the boulders. The homeowners had noticed a doe circling the rocks and surmised the baby may have been stuck for quite some time. The mother wouldn’t leave, although she was obviously scared of people. The fawn wasted no time returning to its mother.


9 thoughts on “Fawn rescue”

  1. I can’t believe these stupid American deer continue to live where there are crappy American rocks. Next year we’ll see another fawn stuck in the boulders with dumb American firemen and their stupid American rescue equipment. I just fear that they will just continue to live in the stupid American forest with it’s stupid hard rocks, and in 5 years or so, we get the exact same video with a different crappy date.

  2. I’m going to regret saying this, but that’s the cutest little thing that I’ve ever seen. Praise the firemen.

    This is the part I might regret, two years later, they’re in the deep freeze. It’s the food chain.

  3. And in a year or so, someone will venture into those woods and shoot the poor little critter.

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