11 thoughts on “Sexy girls have it easy”

  1. Interesting, but she did seem more persistent and chatty when she was dressed up. Guess I’ll go get all sexied up and see if it really works.

    • Hey, Rev, let me give you another tip, I seem to get more attention than my flat chested friends, you may want to keep that in mind as you’re bringing sexy back.

      • I’ve gotta say, during the summer you see a lot of man boobs around here and most of the folks with them think they really look hot…

  2. Not surprised. I’ll even admit I’m probably just as guilty when it comes to being a sucker for a hot chick. Not that I’m trying to be mean, but it’s harder to say no to a hot chick than someone “normal”.

    • (Uh Oh…wait for it…3,2,1….”Are you saying HOT CHICKS aren’t NORMAL!!!! Or that NORMAL chicks can’t be HOT!!!”)…
      Sorry, I’ve been married 26 years, I know there’s no good way to say either of those….

  3. That was a big no-brainer, actually. But seeing how she can put on the 9s, I think she’s pretty good looking either way (ok, so I’m lying – I’d definitely notice her all dolled up quicker than her “plain look”). But the same goes for men, too. If a guy walks into a club looking “presentable”, he might get one or two glances, but if he comes in looking like a male model, the woman would be all over him. I do like the sound of her voice, too. 😉

  4. I find this to be the typical experience. When I’m out wearing casuals, I get meh reactions. When I’m wearing fitting clothes and make up, it’s quite different. Ah, you men have no idea how easily manipulated you are… xD

    • In reply and as a defense for that, not just for me, but for guys everywhere, two simple words: “BLOOD SHIFT”

      blood shift
      : the course of blood flow in a normal heterosexual male, when in the presence of a very attractive (sexy) woman, that occurs when the blood leave the brain and whooshes to lower extremities, i.e., the penis – rendering the affected male incapable of rational thought or polite behavior. Any male encountering a period of “blood shift”, even in the presence of a mate or significant other, cannot be held accountable for where his eyes may look, any utterances like “wow” or any reaction by his penis (erection).

      Hey…women have PMS as a legal defense, for the guys, I offer “blood shift”. It’s not your fault, it’s biology. 🙂

      • Touché. 😀 I’m well aware of it, and I think it’s funny how we’re all slaves to our hormones.

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