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We’re going to a birthday party for my 1 year old grand niece.  She is the daughter of my nephew. I’ve always had trouble defining great vs grand in these kinds of relationships.  I did a little research and came across this which made sense:

Your parents’ parents are your “grand”parents and you are their “grand”child. You are two generations apart. Your grandparents’ parents are your “great”-grandparents. You are three generations apart. It thus makes no sense at all to have a nephew who is two generations removed from you to be your “Great” Nephew. He is your “Grand” Nephew and his son would be your “Great”-Grand Nephew.

My daughter Krisgo has a relationship chart on her new website Do It And How that defines all the different relationships.  I’m not sure how marriage affects the scenario.

As Al Roker would say, That’s what’s going on in my world, what’s happening in your neck of the woods?

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  1. I am not usually up this early on a Sunday but I was house sitting and couldn’t sleep. I am going to go for a run here shortly. I want to go see Pirates of the Caribbean, but not sure if I want to go opening weekend when it will be packed.

  2. I’ve been up since 7am EST. Went for a run then a bike ride. Stopped by a couple friends house just to say Hi. Thinking of throwing some steak on the grill.

    BTW… your little quote there made me more confused. :$

  3. I’m from Kentucky, so our family tree doesn’t have that many branches. We moved to TN to expand the gene pool and found cross-pollination here as well. A lot of little sprouts interwound.

  4. Trying to write my own performance review so that I can justify the raise the Prez has said we are not going to get this year or the next. Being super motivated, I am reading B&P.

  5. Home made BBQ sauce, chicken and pineapple on the grill, a few cold ones and some nice wine, all in anticipation of the Heat taking charge tonight.

  6. Spent all day cleaning mom’s house in preparation for her coming home from the hospital. The doctor says she’s very susceptible to germs so’s me and Dad made the place spotless! Also watched the Braves get beat…again.

  7. Lily really is the icing on the cake! The end of the world never came (for me), however, the sun hasn’t shown itself for 10 days now….getting a little nervous. To relax, I write something in my blog. Think I’ll go listen to Blondie’s “Rapture.”

  8. Where has everybody been??

    Seriously, for those who have been wondering about me, I’m ok. I know Jonco filled you in a little about me on Saturday’s Open Mic which I appreciate, but I just thought I should take a few minutes to leave a comment here myself. The last few months have been kind of rough for several reasons but I’m not going to explain why here. I still look at the posts and read all the comments everyday. I always enjoy reading the comments and love being part of it, but for now other more important things need my time and attention. I’m sure I’ll be back soon as I need a few more smiles and laughs right now.

    I guess things could be worse, though. Joplin, MO suffered major damage from Sunday’s massive tornado. I was in Joplin Friday and Saturday shopping for appliances, but lucky for me I didn’t do that shopping Sunday. I was in Lowes and Home Depot less than 24 hours before they were destroyed.  I regularly go (used to go) to many of the stores and restaurants that took a direct hit and it’s hard to comprehend that they are gone. Hard to comprehend the deaths that likely occurred in those places. So sad.

    I don’t have tv to see the news coverage and so far not many videos have been uploaded to youtube but I thought this was rather incredible. The tornado sirens were going off where I live and I keep thinking I could have been one of these people.

    I think Crispy lived in Joplin at one time. I wonder if he has family there. 

    • Ditto what MCW said Scott…You know we’re thinking about you. Be well, see you at the BABBQII??

      • Good grief, Other than what you said Scott, I had not heard about this when I commented this morning. I was about to leave and didn’t view the video either. On the way to work I heard on the radio how bad it was. They were reporting 89 dead at that time and 75% of Joplin destroyed. I just got home and have not seen any updates yet. My heart goes out to them. I can only imagine the horrible devastation. Glad you and yours are ok Scott.

        I am thankful that I gave blood Saturday.

        • It just occurred to me that there’s a Shake’s (or Shakey’s?) frozen custard place right in front of the Walmart that was destroyed. Seems to me you once mentioned a place by that name. Not sure if they would be the same thing, but when you mentioned it I had wanted to try it out. I never made it there yet and now there’s a chance it’s also gone.

          I’ve heard the 75% figure quite a bit too, but not sure what that means. Land area, no. Businesses, no. Residences, probably not. I’ve also heard something like 30% and that sounds more reasonable to some degree but still hard to comprehend.

          • Yes it is the same Shake’s I mentioned, we had one here for a few years, sadly it closed…According to their website they were founded in Joplin in 1991. The best frozen custard I’ve had.

      • Not sure about the babbqII yet. Of course I’d like to go again, but probably won’t know for sure until a little closer to that date.

  9. Well, hey Scott and welcome back. Now that you are back amongst the living, we still need to find Ana.

    • I looked around but I didn’t see her. It probably would have helped if I knew what she looks like.

  10. Glad you’re OK, Scott. I had to check at B&P as soon as I heard about Joplin this morning. How is your side of the state, Jonco?

    • We’re fine over here. They keep saying it’s gonna rain every day, but we haven’t got much. We got some lightning and maybe a little shower overnight where I live. About an hour from me got heavy thunderstorms. We were under a tornado watch but nothing severe ever developed.

      • Maybe I spoke too soon. My weather radio just went off with severe storm warnings until 6 pm tonight. But it’s sunny now. 🙂

        • And the storms rolled through around lunch time bearing 40-60 mph winds with gusts up to 80 mph. 65,000 without power. Small hail in some areas but no tornadic activity. I’m on the edge of this particular storm. More storms expected throughout the day.

  11. I did go see Pirates of the Caribbean. I liked it. BTW, there is a little clip at the end of the credits but not sure if it’s worth waiting for. That movie had the longest credits ever.

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