17 thoughts on “Extremely pregnant”

  1. Damn that’s sexy! Well, at least sexier than she’ll be afterwards with all that extra skin and stretch marks.

      • Assuming they’re multiples, which I’d be shocked if it wasn’t, she had some choice, since it’s probably a result of fertility drugs. Yes, things get out of hand but still!

        Granted it’s not as crazy as the Duggars or Octomom, but it’s up there.

  2. Pretty easy to spot as a fake, the upper side of her belly is higher than the bottom of her ribcage. At the very least there would be an edge where the ribs expanded. It also seems very improbable she could maintain her posture without leaning back much more to compensate for the weight

  3. Bless her heart, that must be uncomfortable but what is so horrible about it. She has a very pretty face and looks to be in pretty good shape, all things considered. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing…

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