18 thoughts on “Prepare for the Rapture!!!”

  1. Wow, Self righteous rednecks of the worlds unite! I wonder what her video diary will be on the 22 May! 🙂

    The quote of the year has to be in this video:

    “If Cletus didn’t play with his ding dong so much!”

  2. Gonna feel sorry that little ray of sunshine is gone. And Cletus – quit playin’ with your dingy while your momma’s on this here internet thingy! Oh, and I love the neck brace accessory. Work it, girl – work it!

  3. I wish she would tell us what the criteria are for getting into heaven. I might already qualify and won’t have anything to worry about. I hope it’s more complex than whether or not I’ve been playing with my dingy. If that’s the only criterion then I’m screwed. That’s what I was hoping to do in heaven.

  4. Claudette, that cervical collar you have on is either too tight, or it isn’t tight enough.

  5. I should’ve added that listening to Claudette’s screed, it’s small wonder Southerners are known primarily for marrying their siblings.

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