4 thoughts on “Moving ramp fail”

  1. And they really expected this to work? Some people are amazing, if only for the level of stupidity they are willing to show off. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Sorry to be a buzz kill:

    In July 2004, Colin attempted a stunt that involved a ramp mounted on the hood of a van that was driving toward him as he rode toward it. He failed in the attempt, suffering severe injuries, including breaking both ankles, fracturing a vertebra, and breaking several bones in his wrist. He also dislocated his ankle and right foot.
    Immediately following the crash, Colin was rushed by ambulance to the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore where he began a long rehabilitation. Following extensive surgery on his shattered ankles Colin was put in a stable situation, although it was unclear whether he would be able to ride again. 6 months on from the crash, he was able to walk unassisted, although notably with a limp. However despite this progress, Colin found his injuries and his inability to ride too distressing. On 9 August 2005, Colin committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning from the exhaust pipes of his motorbike in his garage at his home in Greenville, NC.

    • As callous as this may seem, I’m really not affected by this. Dumbass tries something stupid, and can’t deal with the consequences. Oh well.

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