17 thoughts on “Crash test dummies doing what they do best”

  1. The first dummy pops out with such force like it was spring loaded or something…come to think of it, they were probably all launched from the ground behind the vehicle.

  2. My daughter rolled a ford explorer with five kids in it. It went over at least 3 times from what we could tell. The three in the back did not have a seat belt on. The three in the back were ejected. The vehichle came to a stop on it’s side with my son pined underneath. He landed in the soft dirt and was wearing a pair of what are called horse shoes. (shoes made for riding horses)The shoes and dirt helped save his life and the fact that a guy with a tractor happened to be passing close by and they flagged him down. Not one of the kids spent the night in the hospital but the car was more than a total loss. Needless to say, you won’t find either of my kids without a seat belt on now. They were lucky.
    My daughter and three other children that were living with us were in the car that day. I sudder to think of what I oculd have lost. WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS!

  3. I was in an accident at an intersection about 10 years ago on my way to work. Both cars were totally demolished. Long story short, I ended up uninjured, with the day off to do the stuff you have to do after an accident; the young guy who ran the red light and hit me was not wearing a seat belt. He ended up in the passenger seat, after careening around the inside of the car and knocking out the windshield with his head. He was taken to the hospital with severe internal and head injuries, and died a week later.

    You get in my vehicle and don’t want to buckle up, you can walk or wait for a bus.

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