B&P RSS Feed has been hijacked

For those of you who view B&P via the RSS feed, you’ll notice that the site has been hijacked by someone called DiTesco (or at least that’s what’s popping up when you click on the feed). 

I’m grazing new territory here and am not sure how this happened.  I tried to set up a feedburner account for the RSS feed and that’s when all Hell broke loose. 

I’ll take another look at this tomorrow and see if I can figure out how to fix this.

10 thoughts on “B&P RSS Feed has been hijacked”

  1. Please see that this worthless spamming scumbag spends the rest of his pathetic life in jail for fucking with your blog. I saw the bullshit he was posting and feared the worst, that blogger was now loading ads into everyone’s account. But I’m happy it’s just a stupid little dipshit trying to hijack one of the greatest blogs of all time. May SEAL Team 6 enter his house tonight and avenge his cowardly acts of e-douchebaggery.

    Death to DiTesco, Long Live B&P!!!

  2. I don’t even know what an RSS Feed is! πŸ™‚ I hope you can straighten it out, though.

  3. I use Google Reader, and I never saw anything out of the ordinary yesterday, other than I got no updates at all from B&P from around 2 pm St Louie time to after midnight when I fell asleep. (N Bits was ok.) It was all back to normal when I got up at 5.30 this morning.

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