Easy chair baseball

Easy chair baseball

We had great seats at the game, but not this great.  There are sections that have recliners in them.  We were in the 4th  row right behind the Cardinals dugout. 

We had great seats and it was fun, but it was very cold, windy and started to mist around the 6th  inning.  We left after the first game was over and a dog show was over.  Today was Bark at the Park Day and people brought their dogs to the game. 

Bark at park
Here some dogs enjoy the game with their owners right behind home plate.

After we left the ballpark we headed for Houlihan’s for drinks and appetizers.  

Tomorrow we’re going to visit Bass Pro Shop in Springfield before heading back to St. Louis.

10 thoughts on “Easy chair baseball”

    • Yes, Hammons Field is a very nice park…. Now if they could control the weather. I don’t like it when it’s too cold to enjoy a cold beer. We saw a vendor hawking beer and noticed he had ice covering the beer in the container. I said that’s to keep the beer from freezing. 🙂

  1. We love Bark in the Park day at our local ball field. Next month we are bringing our newest addition of the family. We don’t know which one it will be yet since we have eight to pick from. Maybe this guy? But I am leaning towards another little gal.


  2. Hey Jonco, did someone ever told you that sometimes you look like the jigsaw guy from the SAW movies? hehehehe…. In that picture you do…


    • I can see some resemblance, but the nose is all wrong. Eyes and chin, yeah a little bit…. and certainly the gray beard.

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