9 thoughts on “U.S. releases photographic evidence that bin Laden is dead”

  1. Elton John will be releasing a song to commemorate this… it will be called “Sandals in the Bin.”

  2. The latest updated White House statement confirms that this is bin Laden’s right sandal, which is a change from yesterday’s confirmation that this was his wife’s left sandal, which is a change from the previous confirmation that this was somebody else’s wife’s mother’s sandal.

    The President also announced that it slipped off her (or his) left (or right) foot, contrary to his statement yesterday that it was forcibly removed from OBL’s mailman’s foot. Or his other wife’s closet. Or it was laying on the floor in the bathroom under a coverup. Or there was no bathroom in the house.

    Tune in tomorrow for the White House’s confirmation of the administration’s latest speculation regarding whether the water seen here is the Indian Ocean, the Sea of Tranquility, Lake Michigan, or Splash Mtn at Disney World.

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