3 thoughts on “Dear 16-year-old Me”

  1. 17 years ago my university roommate died of recurrent malignant melanoma. A fiery redhead with milky-white skin and the most gorgeous green eyes you could imagine, she was first diagnosed at around 12, dying a few months shy of her 23 birthday. Her disease and the treatments made it impossible for her to graduate with us. I am still in touch with our other roommates and many of our classmates. We think and speak of her frequently but miss her terribly. Joana F. Fraser, 1971-1994.

    • A big Hug from me Jamie. You’ve got good memories of your friend. Joana did make a difference. Kisses.

  2. Ack!! And just after I made a comment about my summer sunburns at Possum Kingdom Lake! But I already know this stuff. Every couple of years I get a few things cut or scraped off my face, neck, arms, back and shoulders. So far mostly benign, but some early stage basal cell. I work with a lot of career military and we’ve all come to work so many times with holes in our faces, stitches in our foreheads, etc. Everyone is worried about the radiation leaking from the Japanese nuclear reactors, but no one points out that tans and sunburns are forms of radiation poisoning.

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