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  1. My college math professor once said…
    In reality…Math is just an imaginary model that we try to fit to the real world.
    Circles,Squares,Points,Lines,Spheres are just our organized imagination.
    How many dimensions do we live in? How close to anything in reality,is our imaginary defination of dimension?
    No 2 cantalopes are alike so, when you add them together, what do you get?

      • Yes it is, but math is a model that closely reflects reality. A circle is 2 dimensional, it has zero thickness, it can not be seen or detected….only described, it only exists in your head. its center can only accuratly be determined, but not exactly. trying to measure it will generate heat, which will basically end up slightly warping space, moving your imaginary point.

  2. Mathematics is a philosophical discipline which uses the study of objects and their relationships to improve your ability to think clearly. The fact that it is handy in other areas is just a nifty bonus. It’s like judo or karate, which are means of self discipline and self control which also happen to make the Matrix sequels watchable.

    • All that I know is that I am 65 and I don’t remember ever having to know what X was equal to in real life, although the 3-4-5 triangle has come in handy.

      • You haven’t? Have you never, even once in your life summed up groceries in your shopping cart, calculated the area of a flat or house or yard or even estimated how long it would take to drive from one place to another?

        I would think that everybody, who isn’t mentally disabled or in a coma has used math in various points in our lives. Even tasks we take for granted, like judging the distance between your mouth and the plate of food in front of you is a rudimentary use of mathematics.

  3. I’m glad I typed that last entry correctly. I just noticed there is no count-down clock. What happened?

  4. Jonco posted the problem the other day. Just be extra careful until all of the site is back up…

  5. I posted the original ‘my math professor’ comment above. Dont get me wrong, I think math is cool. The only thing I got out of my math major was the problem solving skills, which I use all the time as a very good software enginer.
    But the math…forgot it all after a year.
    What I mean by problem solving is not ‘train A leaves station Z…..etc’
    But I found out that nothing in this world works right the first time (especially software)
    So for example problem solving skills are….it doesnt work! Now what? What exactly is the problem? Can I make the problem happen again (on demand)…this is important to know you fixed the problem. Ok fixed, what did I mess up in the fix?

    Most people dont have the ability to solve a problem. Mostly its call a plumber…better yet just drink a beer.

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