13 thoughts on “Just a leaf…. wait…whoa!!”

  1. Jonco – you won’t believe what these leaves smell like! Try it. An experience you can’t get outside of the jungle. . .

    • So….. you want me to go to the jungle?
      What jungle?
      What do I do about blogging while I’m in the jungle?
      Can I take Trixie and Gus with me?
      Do they need passports?
      …. so many questions….

  2. Jonco,
    If you go to the jungle I will so take Trixie and Gus while your gone…
    Just asking what is that thing?

    • Bella, just want to apologize if I offended you with that unthinking cancer remark. For a man with the girth I possess, I am remarkably limber, especially regarding my ability to get my size 16s into my mouth. Just as I was dropping off to sleep that night, my mind poked me and said, “You realize that could have been taken badly.” (So, if it means anything, you were the last thing on my mind as I dropped off to sleep.)

      You know I love you. However, I ain’t gonna go to no jungle with you and look for caterpillers and smell leaves.

      • Thank You Mathman54. It also could have been me being a little too over sensitive that evening. But I appreciate what you’ve said and my Love Bitsy.

        When I later read what you had written, I understood the jist of what you were saying. I’m sorry too.

        All is good. Well except for the fact that you don;t want to go to the jungle……WTF?

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