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Computer problemsBits & Pieces was down this morning due to  “overloading of the server” it’s on.  My account was suspended sometime over night when  they discovered something on the site was causing their server to be overused.  They don’t normally give you a lot of help, or at least help that I can understand, though I must say the guy I talked to was better than most.  Most of it is still over my head.  I was able to get them to re-instate the account while I try to figure out the culprit.  At their suggestion I disabled a few plugins and am beginning to go through an access log text file from the last 24 hours.  So, for now the comment editing and BABBQ countdown clock are disabled.

Right now I’ve loaded the access log file into a spreadsheet and am sorting the 846,991 line spreadsheet by IP address to see if there might be one main culprit.  If so I can ban that IP address from accessing the site.

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  1. How ’bout letting us know what happened. In looking at comments, I didn’t notice any unusual gaps in the postings…

    • I don’t know what happened… or when it happened. Around 8 am I received a call from GoDaddy.com and they wanted to discuss my account. They couldn’t tell me what it was about unless I gave them my PIN number, but said they’d sent me an email. I quickly checked my email and I had nothing from them (yet). I told her I was leery about divulging that info on a received call and that I would get back to them. I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not. Then I tried to log into B&P and got a notice that my account was suspended due to account violations. That’s when I called them back and got the scoop. They had noticed trouble on one of their servers so they ran a test to see what was causing the problem and it pointed to my site.
      I put the access log for the last 20 hours or so and put it into Excel. I sorted the list of 846,000 lines by IP address and am now doing a sub-total and count on how many times each IP has accessed the site. (I started this process about 9 or 9:30 this morning and it’s still processing (about 8 hours so far) with maybe another hour or so to go.) Then maybe I can find something that stands out.
      That’s where it stands as of now.

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