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Webcam watcher catches tourists walking on Old Faithful  Down arrow

Trivia Tidbit:  Donald Duck has a sister called Dumbella.

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  1. ▲ This is why we can’t have nice things. Arm the park rangers, with orders to shoot to kill these buttplugs.

  2. The list of most polluted cities might also include Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and now maybe Sendai, Japan…

  3. You can tell that they are a busload of tourist from St Louis County.
    They are the same people that you see around county construction sites, wandering around aimlessly past the signs that say: Danger! Do Not Enter.

  4. It’s crazy to think they were able to stand that close — many of the thermal areas in Yellowstone are ridiculously hot even from the boardwalks.

    That said, we did watch several people chase a baby bear trying to get a photo… and found Mama bear. *shakes head* Darwin moments FTW

  5. When I worked at a small radio station in NW Wyoming we used to get reports all the time of tourists being injured because of stuff like this. A man from Texas died when he got off the boardwalk and fell through a thin layer of crust and into a thermal feature. A guy from California let his dog out of his car and the dog headed straight into a big pool of water…which happened to be boiling….when the dog started yelping, the man went in after it and they both died. A French tourist wanted his picture taken standing next to a bull buffalo….the buffalo swung his head around and gored the guy in the back, threw him about 10 feet in the air, and he died on his way to the hospital. And that was just in one summer. We used to just go to the park to watch the tourists. It never ceased to amaze me what some people would do!

  6. Perhaps we are disturbing the natural ecosystem by not allowing large mammals (tourists) to become some other critter’s boiled meat buffet. Some environmentalist should get a government grant and conduct some studies.

  7. Why didnt they all just die, lets install landmines,or mount a deathray to the cam. Spray them with a Buffalo scent so that all the male buffalos think that they are in heat. Yeah, that will work.

  8. The new Old Faithful web cam is great. I watched a guy walk up to the cone during a white-out snowfall early one morning. I couldn’t believe he was wandering where he was. I’ve been there five times, and I would never do that.

    One day, I watched a fox running around the cone. I see bison there all the time.

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