Contemplation Done Here

Old chairBryan N writes: 

When I saw the old chair post it made me remember the old chair I discovered. Last fall I went on a road trip, from Terrace, BC to Telegraph Creek, BC by way of BC highway 37. At a location known as Burrage Creek I stopped to take some pictures at a pullout, and looked up and saw a chair, looking out from the top of an embankment, viewing the whole valley. I scrambled up, hoping to find some story or memento, but there was only the chair and an empty wine bottle. I presumed that some workers on the road crew some 20 years ago left it there.
This is an area of BC and Canada that one should tour if ever the chance comes.

You just know that a lot of thought and contemplation took place on this chair, especially when you add a little alcohol.

Thanks Bryan

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  1. I’m from Terrace also and love this country. I drove all across this country and the best scenic view is from Terrace to Prince Rupert.

  2. I can totally back up Steve on this-I lived in Rupert for 20 years and was always amazed at the scenery between the two cities. Plus it’s a lot less dangerous to drive that route than it used to be, more pullouts to enjoy the mountains and the Skeena river.

    This photo reminds me a lot of the view from a friend’s backwoods cabin up on Smithers Mountain…or to be more precise, the open outhouse they had built on the edge of a cliff overlooking the view from the back of the mountain. It was breathtaking in more than one way!!!!

  3. Ooh, this is so nice. Let me introduce myself. Hi Bryan, Steve and Saffron, I’m Bella (my real name is Cheryl) from Prince George, B.C. I’ve fished the Douglas Channel, Hospital Beach and Kitimat River but never the Skeena. Yet! That’s where the BiG bastards are. Do you guys know what the record for the Skeena is? I thought it was 93 lbs. Spring, of course….I may have forgot to add that. 😉

    • Hi Bella!!

      I’m not sure about the record size fish, though our buddy Jody might have a better idea,since he’s still fishing up there. I did come across this site-

      which suggests a sturdy pair of gloves and one helluva big net would be a good investment! My husband and I prefer halibut and crab, though a nice chunk of fresh salmon never gets a no from us. After we left Rupert we ended up living in the Rockies, where fly fishing was king and everything on our river (the Elk) was catch-and-release, so we truly missed out on fresh seafood for a long time. We’re back on the coast (Vancouver Island) and wow, is it ever good to be living where the big fish are again, even standing on the docks up at Campbell River was a hoot when you can watch dinner swimmming bye!

      • Nothing better than fresh halibut and crab. (lemon, garlic, butter sauce…yummy) Well, maybe smoked deer meat. Don’t matter, we live in a beautiful place and it’s a pleasure to meet you through Jonco’s site. It is a small world.

    • To paraphrase the song, the best view is sitting on your front porch looking in…although the view from the Mount McKinley Lodge looking at Denali on a clear day is spectacular.

  4. Hey Bella, Steve and whoever else is from this neck of the woods…..
    seing as getting to the official bbq is out of the question we should schedule one for our area. Even better, Jonco, you should endorse official “regional” big ass bbq’s. What do you think? And yes, the drive from Terrace to Rupert on a nice (or even not nice) day is exceptional. So is driving through Smithers on a late summer evening.

  5. Bryan, I was thinking the same thing. There could a BABBQ franchise set up in British Columbia, Atlanta and other spots. Yours could be the BCBABBQ and ours could be the ABABBQ.

  6. Awesome idea Bryan. I agree about Smithers too, very gorgeous little town. I’ve done a lot of fishing around there and Telkwa.
    Thanks for the link Saffron, I enjoyed reading that.

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