5 thoughts on “What if the gulf oil spill never happened?”

    • Ok, Ill buy a thermos, I am sure that I will use it at least 5 times.
      Before i loose the lid, drop it, break it, loose it, not be at hand when I need it, need to clean it out but cant at that very moment.
      Can I refill my thermos at McDonalds? What if a want a McSmoothie, will they make it in my thermos?
      Ok, I will drive 5 miles to walmart so I can get a thermos.

  1. What surprised me the most was the fact that the entire spill is what the whole United States consumes in about Seven hours…

    We need reliable, renewable transportation, before we totally kill this planet. Electric Vehicles are a good start, if we can crank up the range. But what are our heavy trucks supposed to run on, and the jets, and our power plants for gods sake. We need to find something safer than Nuclear to power all of us. Sure nuclear is efficient, but once something goes wrong(like a tsunami, or *gasp* Chernobyl)… It becomes more dangerous than coal… Even creating Hydrogen consumes massive amounts of power…

    Speaking of coal, how long can we all survive on the amount of coal in our Earths mantle? There’s only so much around…

    What are our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren going to do? Besides live with our mistakes?

    Sad, but True. Thankyou for not tl;dr 🙂 I believe there is hope for humanity yet.

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