The First Royal Kiss

I woke up at about 1 am this morning right in the middle of a bad dream (I was about to be shot) and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I turned on the television and channel surfed a while.  I watched a couple of movies and ended up watching most of the royal wedding. 

First royal kiss

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17 thoughts on “The First Royal Kiss”

  1. Anyone who got up in the middle of the night and watched some foreigners get married on TV probably needs to be shot…

  2. Loved the dress and the way they added some color to the abbey with trees,etc. Technically they ARE my royals but I waited to watch the edited “best of” bits and slept in….LOL!

    • I wasn’t planning on watching it but I thought it was kind of neat. It’s interesting to see all the majesty and ceremony.
      And Sister, did you see that dress? It was much nicer that Princess Diana’s. Both beautiful women.

      • I can’t believe you just called me sister! I actually, in real life, laughed out loud!
        I agree her dress was beautiful but Di’s was a very ugly dress. I remember being shattered as a small child that ‘The Princess’ had an ugly dress.
        I was working while this one was televised here so I had to google pictures of the dress when I got home… I need a life!

  3. I was up because I couldn’t sleep, put the royal wedding on tv and passed out. You’d think the royal party would roll in something cooler than those VW vans.

  4. It was on in time for the evening meal here and my wife had a group of “ladies” over to watch it. They sounded like a coop of noisy chickens as they admired the dresses and hats.I did manage to see the best bit, the flypast by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire.

  5. I wonder if wearing a cream colored wedding dress signifies anything? Maybe Willie has been making a move on Kate. Kate’s sister, Pippa, was wearing white. Maybe advertising…

  6. I have a question about all that. I understand most of the guestlist, all the royalty from other countries, and all that, I understand Elton John being invited, he is a knight after all, but am I missing something? David Beckham and Skinny Spice? Did they knight him as well? Were they crashing the party, or were they really invited guests?

    • okay thank you Richard, I really didn’t know that, I guess I could have just looked it up, huh?

  7. I turned on the news at 7am this morning, but apparently nothing of any importance happened in the last 24 hours…everybody had the wedding on. After some channel surfing, I found (TLC, I think) with a gay commentator – what a catty bitch he was! hahaha But the Battle of Britain Memorial fly-over was the best part. Well, that plus Pippa. 😉

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