15 thoughts on “Talk about bad luck”

    • Considering lightning leaves severe burns, I’d assume the spots are actually ash from burned skin and clothes. The guy must have some severe amounts of iron in his blood to attract lightning like that.

  1. It is fake. If you freeze frame on the second lightning strike you see the area is illuminated by a flash. Only the flash doesn’t radiate from the lightning bolt. It comes from behind the camera, throwing a shadow of the van in the foreground forward. If that were a real strike, that area between the vans would NOT be in shadow. It would be brightly lit.
    Also, in the first “strike”, he reacts before the strike happens.

  2. It’s obvious that it’s a fake. Camera security systems have a digitally changing ISO to adjust for the lighting, they cannot compensate for such a bright flash that quickly, the entire frame would have been whited out from a bolt of lightning that close.

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