Paul’s on a roll at Bits of Wisdom

Bow logoThere is a pretty good comment thread going on over at Bits of Wisdom.  It all is coming from this post: Everyone is a genius.  The post was featured on Stumble UponBits of Wisdom normally gets between 600 and 1,200 hits a day, but in the last eleven days it’s averaged 19,837 hits per day.

As of now there are 86 comments and many of then are from  a “Paul”  and some of his friends and relatives.  Funny thing is, most of the comments are coming from different IP addresses, so we have a lot of people pretending to be Paul… and Paul’s Dad, Paul’s Pal, Paul’s Bastard Son, Paul’s Deadbeat Dad, Paul’s Official Fan Club President, Paul’s Agent, Paul’s BFF, Paul’s Girlfriend and of course Paul’s Friend Paul. 

Warning:  Some language NSFW

Check it out here:  Everyone is a genius


6 thoughts on “Paul’s on a roll at Bits of Wisdom”

  1. How can they not know that it is multiple pauls… I LIKE THE GUY WHO IS SCREAMING AND WANTS TO CAPITALIZE A WORD AND IT lOOKS sO aWESOME.

    Does Paul post on B&P?

    • I didn’t recognize the original email. He could, but I kind of doubt it. BOW has it’s own small crowd but I think Paul came in with the 28,000 from Stumble Upon. Most of them have probably never hear of B&P, nor do they visit other posts. I’m guessing they just linked in for that one.

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