9 thoughts on “A floating raft of fire ants”

    • Oh yeah they do. When they get in your pants legs, I did you’ll do a dance that anyone watching will always remember.

      This would have been more successful if, instead of water, that was a tub of gasoline, and instead of tweezers he threw in a match.

  1. We get Big red ants up here and those little buggers nip. Never seen fire ants. I always pour gas down the hills in the back 40 too. Only did it once in the front yard, you know, where the gas line comes in…apparently when I threw the match down the hole, the gas lines had been cut off for maintenence. Whew. Could have blown up the whole neighbourhood. Don’t know what I was thinking, or maybe not thinking.

  2. I hate those little bastards and would love to see them wiped from the face of the earth. Or at least my yard and my pasture.

  3. Just like with witches, this is the evidence they are devil’s own spawn – not even water will claim them.

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