5 thoughts on “Ridin’ the storm out”

  1. I have no problem with him staying in his vehicle. Small cone, odds on bet he’d be safe there. Want to get hurt? Go run around out in the debris looking for a culvert in a panic as a little one moves by.

    You have a much better chance dying in a car crash driving out to see a twister than dying in one. Most folks are pretty damn bad at math though. Twister’s a damn impressive thing. Death’s common. Stay above ground and enjoy the show. If it doesn’t work out for you, well, you won’t be complaining to me later and at least you had a show.

  2. Yes, it is interesting when the usual advice is to get out of the car and find a culvert to hide in. You know, that ditch full of water, debris, and icky stuff. Then, when they show the trailer park that the tornado went through, the houses are destroyed or damaged, yet the cars are sitting as if nothing happened.

    Years ago, my sister-in-law was driving and heard that a tornado was behind her heading in the same direction she was and it was going about 50 mph. She was a couple miles east of it and doing 65, so she kept going.

  3. There are differing suggestions now from differing authorities. Some say head for a ditch, some believe that staying in your car and covering yourself is safer if you can’t outrun the damn thing in the first place. Years of evidence shows that you can likely outrun the damn thing in your vehicle, why stop and lie in a ditch? And if you can’t, seatbelt yourself and cover yourself.

  4. I rode out a nearby tornado in my car in the 70s.

    The afternoon turned darker than night with torrential rain, thunder and lightning. All I could do was stop at the side of the road in an unfamiliar semi-rural area. No way was I getting out of my car.

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