Cardinal manager Tony ‘Puffy’ LaRussa

Larussa eyeNo, he didn’t get into a fight, but he sure looks like he did.  St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa is suffering from conjunctivitis, or pinkeye.  His right eye is almost swollen shut and his face and forehead are swollen and discolored. 

He’s been fighting the condition for a couple of weeks.  It looks like he’s losing the battle at the moment.

The rumor that Mrs. LaRussa told him to “Shut up”, but he thought she said  “Stand up”, could not be confirmed.  So it remains that –  just a rumor..


3 thoughts on “Cardinal manager Tony ‘Puffy’ LaRussa”

  1. What is commonly referred to as pink eye is a viral conjunctivitis that begins in one eye and spreads to the next within a day or two. Lid swelling is common but developing a rash on the forehead is not. Tony may have some conjunctivitis (which is basically any inflammation of the conjunctiva, regardless of what is causing it) going on, but as best I can tell from the blurry picture, that sucker looks allergic. Get that man some steroids…

  2. Tony has always been a dick head, even in his Louisville days, now he looks like one. its all good…

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