Skid Mark Scores!

SkidmarkThe aptly named Roller Derby queen, Skid Mark, scores one for the Hoosiers last night  during the preliminary round of Roller Derby by the Gatekeepers league in St. Louis County.  Unfortunately the Hoosiers were beaten by the Hipsters by a score of something like 80 to 40 in the preliminary bout before the main event –  as the Dogtown Rockers took on the South Grand Slammers.  This reporter left in the middle of the big game so I don’t know who won.  The Rockets has a commanding lead at halftime.

The ladies are part of the Arch Rival Roller Girls team.

Having names like Skid Mark, Zombie Jesus, Specs Offender, High Pains Drifter, Donkey Thong, Captain Cooter, Road Kill, Smarty McFly, Enya Nightmare make the event even more enjoyable. 


I took my daughter, grandson and his friend.  I think I enjoyed it a little more than they did because of the nostalgia I had for the old days or seeing Roller Derby on the wooden sloped track of yesteryear.



9 thoughts on “Skid Mark Scores!”

    • Cool! Thanks for the update. It was a fun evening. I will be back.
      …. and welcome to Bits & Pieces. 🙂

    • My daughter noticed her ‘stain’ on the track during their warm up and we laughed about it. It was after that that we saw her name in the program.

  1. How about we modify Roller Derby and have the girls wear bikini tops and thong undies…Sign me up for a season ticket.

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