5 thoughts on “You’re not stuck in traffic…”

  1. Looks like snow in that picture. Who’d want to commute in snow?

    Or in my case here in Arizona. Who’d want to commute in 115 degree weather?

  2. That’s the attitude Richard, we’re making progress here. Land of the free? Think again. Apparently riding a bike will get you killed because burning gasoline is cooler than exercising. I’m sure this is the society the founding fathers envisioned.

    • Just speaking the truth. Since I live thirty miles out in the country and use the Interstate, my original comment stands.

  3. Common sense would indicate that a vehicle that weighs less than 30 lbs, is only a foot wide, can go only 20 mph, and has NO protection of any kind, doesn’t really belong on roads with vehicles that can weigh 40 tons and are moving at well over twice the speed.

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