9 thoughts on “The oil filter silencer”

    • I wish they had taken it off and fired a shot while filming so we could tell the difference…. not that they couldn’t edit the sound.

  1. That’s a CO2 powered airsoft pistol. I have a mechanical airsoft AK-47 that looks and feels very authentic. You can see the CO2 spray shoot off to the right just like the CO2 pistols.

  2. I should restate what I said. I strongly suspect it’s a CO2 airsoft gun. Seeing as how I don’t own a real gun, I can’t say I’ve had enough experience to really say it’s not real.

    Here is a real gun shooting through an oil can suppressor.

    Notice the hot gasses going out the FRONT this time.

  3. the gun is a walther p22
    its a piece of shit that jams constantly but believe me you can get it that quiet, i’ve emptied entire clips with people in the next room

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